Brazil : Brazil have leaded me to my dream.

Reporter : Kobayashi
Agriscience Dept. No.2 - America & Oceania Team

I was stationed at IHARABRAS Industrial Quimicas S.A. in Brazil for two years ,visiting numerous and farmers for over the period of 8 months.
In Brazil, planted area of soybean are large as 30 million ha, equivalent to the size of Kanto Area in Japan! It made some farms are as big as 5,000ha.
I feel grateful for having had the opportunity to work in such environment where you can feel the dynamism of Brazilian Agriculture.

People often say for the trading business like us, it’s difficult to actually see our customers directly since our main business is “B to B” style.
However, developing products, there are many people and a great deal of effort involved in the process.
This is said not just Brazil but throughout the world which made me realize that I am a part of a big chain of this process an important. Additionally it leads me to why people work for.

Brazilians are very affectionate to their family and friend, expressing their feelings clearly.
Spending time with them, I learned the importance of loving and spending with family. Having BBQ parties on weekends with friends and family who helped me and accepted me for who I am.
The joy and experience achieved with the help of many people during the two years is unspeakable.
I hope to come back to IHARABRAS someday and return a favor to my friends who had supported may stag.
In the future, I hope to achieve a big job, big as the size of Brazil!
The 2 years in Brazil have leaded me to my dream.