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Environmental Health Products Business Line

Mosquito coils, aerosols, and other Japanese insecticides made with the world’s most sophisticated technologies are helping to dramatically improve environmental health around the world. Summit Agro International is contributing an improving the environmental health by business execution of these products.

Helping to improve people’s environmental health

Mosquito coils, mosquito mats, aerosols, and other household and professional-use insecticides are used throughout the world today, and help to improve people’s hygiene and environmental health. Japan has an extensive range of such products, and both their raw materials and finished products are at the leading edge of world technology. Our activities encompass the entire spectrum of this business area from product exports to the development, license acquisition, marketing, and sales of products in each market, and the company performs these activities by utilizing the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

We not only export Japanese products, but also sell products manufactured in overseas factories locally or to another country through triangular trade. We also operate business investment companies primarily in the U.S. and China through joint venture agreements with local corporations.

Products Handled
Household insecticides and their materialsAerosols, mosquito coils, mosquito mats, etc.
Professional use insecticides and their materialsWood preservatives, animal health products, etc.
Major Products Handled
  • Agriscience Business Line
  • Environmental Health Products Business Line
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