Welcome to the Outdoors!

By Nobuyoshi Tanaka,
Pet Care and Insect Control Department

As part of efforts to improve work-life balance as well as further deepen exchange between employees, our company plans and carries out various activities for outside of work. Here I will introduce three of them in particular that the entire company is involved in: the baseball team, potato harvesting, and the Company Barbecue.

Playing with Triton Square in the background.

1. The “Miracle Angles”: A Baseball Team is Born!
This young company baseball team is newly formed, beginning activity in August 2009. The adorably titled “Life Science Angels” is a team of crack baseball “lordless warriors” comprising members from not only our company but also Sumitomo Corporation Life Science Division and related group companies as well as Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation, with the team’s red colors further drawing out the players’ strength. The team enjoys playing baseball under the instruction of a coach with experience in the Tokyo Big Six Baseball League. Practice takes place after work at the Tsukishima Sports Ground located near the company office, an excellent environment providing an infield of good-quality black soil and an outfield of beautiful natural turf. The after-practice beer tastes extra special, too. The commemorable first game was held on October 30 against the Sumitomo Shoji Chemicals baseball team, a team with tradition and a performance record, and many of our female employees came along to watch and cheer the team on. Despite being the team’s first game, a good result was achieved with fine play such as two-base hit by the team slugger that reverberated through the batter’s bulk (and that would have been a home run if he could have run faster) and a long ball hit by the lithely built team ace (unfortunately, there was no running homerun as the batter was touched out in a home base cross-play). The excellent teamwork gave no hint that this was a newly formed team - truly the “Miracle Angels”! Our hearts are filled with anticipation for the miracles the team will produce from now on, so keep an eye on the “Life Science Angels” in the future.

2. Potato Harvesting: Important Practical Farming Experience
With the focus on securing stable cultivation and harvesting of food intensifying worldwide, the agricultural chemicals handled by our company are indispensable. As explained in the outline of our corporate business activities on this website, we are currently expanding agricultural chemical sales worldwide. However, we have few opportunities for hands-on experience in cultivating and harvesting agricultural products. Thus we have introduced potato harvesting as an excellent opportunity for us and enabling practical farming experience.

One employee has a potato field in Tokyo suburb area and so in early July each year employees have been able to experience potato harvesting here. The work of digging up potatoes growing on top of each other from the one stalk was very refreshing and enjoyable, and gave a sense of fulfillment. Unlike potatoes you see in the supermarket, the potatoes we were able to harvest were very large, giving us a sense of the “blessings of nature”. Theses potatoes also tasted especially good, a special taste incomparable to that of store-bought potatoes.

3. Company Barbecue: Gourmet World Expo
Company barbecues had been held irregularly for quite some time in the past, but in recent years we have been holding company barbecues twice annually, in spring and autumn. These events are held in the Kasai Rinkai Park barbecue area (near Tokyo bay). This event is not your ordinary barbecue where you cook meat and vegetables, presenting numerous elaborate supreme menus. The previous company barbecue, held on October 31, 2009, took on the character of a “Gourmet World Expo,” with such dishes as jjigae stew, japchae noodles, jjijim pancakes (Korean), tantan noodles (Chinese), authentic churrasco (Brazilian), tandoori chicken (Indian), skewered chicken gizzards/cartilage, Oden hotpot, tonjiru soup, sekihan rice (Japanese), and for dessert, pancakes, presented in addition to the usual menu. Like our company’s operations, it was a truly international affair. Moreover, the park had a playground and beach area where children could play, and some groups played catch, threw Frisbees, or caught small crabs to work off their meals. This event provided an excellent opportunity not only for deepening exchange amongst employees but also, with the participation of employees’ families, to recognize the solidarity, cheerfulness, and fun of our company.

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