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How does Summit Agro International bring safety and peace of mind to people around the world?

Summit Agro International is a trading company specialized in the crop protection product, environmental health product and pet care businesses, and provides value-added services by using its skilled human resources and accumulated know-how. We possess strong purchasing and marketing power, backed by the international network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, as well as sophisticated expertise in proposing and creating new innovations, thereby contributing to a better society and environmental protection on a global scale.

Germany: A Country of Efficiency and Rationality

What impressed me most after starting to live and work in Germany is the German peoples’ “efficiency and rationality”, which are key elements that allow them to excel at “enjoying life”. Through efficient business operations, we are working to make positive contributions to food safety and enhanced food production from Germany to the rest of the world.

Colombia: Strong Personal Ties Rule in the Emerald Country

To help develop local agriculture, we tailor our operations to suit each country’s climate and culture. Our “local-oriented” approach extends even to the way in which we pass the time with farmers who attend our seminars. Our representative in Colombia reports on how we operate our business there.

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