Company Overview

NameSummit Agro International Ltd.
Board of Directors President Yukihiko Miki
Director Kotaro Tameda
Director Kazuma Suzuki
Director Yasunori Ishibashi
Director Kenji Okuda
Statutory Auditor Yasuo Shimamoto
Statutory Auditor Yasuo Yoshida
Managing Executive Officer Toshiya Bito
Executive Officer Yukihiko Saito
Executive Officer Takanori Ando
Capital320 million yen
ShareholderSumitomo Corporation, 100%
Major businessesDevelopment and domestic and overseas trading of crop protection products, environmental health products and pet care products as well as their materials
Major productsInsecticides, fungicides, herbicides, seeds, household insecticides, animal health products, pet care products
Head Office Sumitomo Corporation Takebashi BLD. 9F
1-2-2, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003, Japan
Phone 03-6259-1212
Fax 03-6259-1350
Sales45.2 billion yen (FY2017)
No. of employees109 (as of April 2018)


July 1982Established as a consulting company for agriculture and environmental hygiene. (Name: Health-Agro Ltd., Head Office: Kanda Nishiki-cho, Tokyo)
June 1996Company name changed from Health-Agro Ltd. to Summit Agro Ltd.
June 1999Merged with Sumisho Speciality Chemicals International Co., Ltd., and, as the surviving company, became specialized in crop protection products and hygienic insecticides.
November 1999Company name changed to Summit Agro International Ltd.
May 2001Relocated Head Office to Harumi, Tokyo.
September 2001Capital increased to 320 million yen.
February 2008Advanced into the pet products market.
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