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Business strategy and vision for the future

As a specialty trading company with rich product knowledge, Summit Agro International undertakes the entire business process of development, registration and sales for our business lines by making full use of the network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. This integrated business approach enables us to provide reliable high-quality products throughout Japan as well as around the world.

  • Agriscience Business Line

    We provide a wide range of products to protect crops from pests and diseases and produce good harvests. We also focus on developing earth-friendly plant protection methods such as those using pheromones.

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    Promoting Stable Food Supply and Environment-friendly Agriculture

    The world population, which is currently about 7 billion, is expected to continue to increase, particularly in developing countries, and to exceed 9 billion by 2050. On the other hand, the world’s cultivated acreage has remained approximately the same, and is unlikely to increase dramatically in the future. The global balance of the supply and demand for food is thus likely to become increasingly tighter in the mid- to long-term.

    Under these circumstances, as a trading company specialized in agricultural production materials, we are working hard to help increase food production by providing various services on a global scale, based on our wealth of knowledge mainly on crop protection products. We collect data and search for products through our own network and that of the Sumitomo Corporation Group; develop and register products in each country; offer technological diffusion and support services for safe and appropriate use of products; and perform many other activities to assist customers in every aspect of agricultural production.

    Products Handled
    Crop protection productsInsecticides, fungicides, herbicides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, sexual confusion pheromones, wood protection products, etc.
    FertilizersVarious types of products
    SeedsVarious kinds of vegetables, rapeseeds, sunflowers, corn, soybeans
    Other productsother agricultural materials
    Major Products Handled
  • Environmental Health Products Business Line

    Mosquito coils, aerosols, and other Japanese insecticides made with the world’s most sophisticated technologies are helping to dramatically improve environmental health around the world. Summit Agro International is contributing an improving the environmental health by business execution of these products.

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    Helping to improve people’s environmental health

    Mosquito coils, mosquito mats, aerosols, and other household and professional-use insecticides are used throughout the world today, and help to improve people’s hygiene and environmental health. Japan has an extensive range of such products, and both their raw materials and finished products are at the leading edge of world technology. Our activities encompass the entire spectrum of this business area from product exports to the development, license acquisition, marketing, and sales of products in each market, and the company performs these activities by utilizing the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

    We not only export Japanese products, but also sell products manufactured in overseas factories locally or to another country through triangular trade. We also operate business investment companies primarily in the U.S. and China through joint venture agreements with local corporations.

    Products Handled
    Household insecticides and their materialsAerosols, mosquito coils, mosquito mats, etc.
    Professional use insecticides and their materialsWood preservatives, animal health products, etc.
    Major Products Handled
  • Hartz business line

    We started pet care business through supplying active ingredient of parasiticides for fleas & ticks to The Hartz Mountain Corporation in the U.S.
    Now we develop Hartz® brand licensed high quality products that match the characteristic s of Japanese market, and grow sales on the various channels including pet specialty stores.

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    Establishing a premium pet brand

    The Japanese pet care market is said to be 6 to 700billion yen, and the population of dogs & cats are said as 20million.
    Due to the declining birthrate and aging of society, increasing single-person household, and change of the pet owners consciousness towards their pets, now pets are increasingly deepened as a member of families or as partners of lives.
    We develop Hartz® brand licensed high quality products that match the characteristic s of Japanese market, and grow sales on the various channels including pet specialty stores.
    We aim to establish a premium pet brand that responds to the wishes and trusts of pet parents – “High quality goods to my beloved pets”.

    「Hartz®」In response to these changes, Sumitomo Corporation acquired The Hartz Mountain Corporation, America's leading pet care product manufacturer, in June 2004. We have begun to introduce Hartz's products to the Japanese market and develop the pet care business across Asia, Europe, and other potential markets outside North America. We are thus actively promoting our pet care business to help create a society where people and pets can live comfortably together.

    Products Handled
    Dog toy, Dog treats
    Cat treats
    Major Products Handled
    About Hartz products

    Please see more details at official site of Hartz(in Japanese)

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