Corporate Governance


We have established the Compliance Committee operating in accordance with our internal rules, and have introduced the Speak-Up System, to reinforce and promote our legal and ethical compliance.

To ensure compliance, every executive and employee is required, in their daily operations, to act according to the related laws and regulations and the company's internal rules while observing the "Specific Guidelines" of the Compliance Manual. In this way we are working hard to fulfill one of the Sumitomo Corporation Values (SC Values)—"Integrity and Sound Management: To comply with laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards."

The Compliance Manual is a document providing compliance guidelines—matters that are considered important from the viewpoint of compliance—under various themes. The manual is distributed to all the employees.

The Speak-Up System allows executives and employees who have become aware of any compliance problems occurring within the company to directly report to the Compliance Committee in the event that the problems cannot be reported through ordinary reporting procedures.

Our Compliance Committee works in close cooperation with the Compliance Committee of Sumitomo Corporation.

Sumitomo Corpration Compliance

Internal Control

All of our activities as a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group must satisfy a certain level of operational quality that meets or exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders regardless of the region or business area.

To improve operational quality, Summit Agro International began in FY2005 to inspect the state of its overall internal control using a checklist prepared by Sumitomo Corporation in accordance with international standards.

This checklist covers all key aspects in the management of risk, accounting and finance, compliance and all other organizational operations.

This internal control system is defined by our company rules as well, and its objectives, processes and inspection results are promptly shared among all employees at meetings and seminars. Specific actions are then taken to tackle any issues identified through internal control.