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Environmental Policy

Throughout its 400-year history, the Sumitomo Group has pursued industrial development in harmony with local communities and the natural environment. Based on this foundation, the Sumitomo Corporation Group pursues business activities in such a way as to promote environmental conservation. Recognizing that various initiatives such as creating a low-carbon society that alleviates climate change, preserving biodiversity and the global environment, using energy, water and resources sustainably, preventing pollution and controlling waste emissions are the most important and long-term concerns that all individuals and organizations must address, we have established our Environmental Policy as detailed below.

I.Basic Policy

The Sumitomo Corporation Group recognizes that environmental issues are global in scale and that they are long-range concerns affecting future generations. As a global organization, the Sumitomo Corporation Group, through sound business activities, will strive to achieve sustainable development aimed at both social and economic progress and environmental preservation.

II.Basic Guidelines

In pursuing its diversified business activities both within Japan and overseas, the Sumitomo Corporation Group shall comply with the following guidelines, and, through cooperation between its Group companies, work to achieve the aims of its environmental Basic Policy.

1.Basic stance with regard to the environment:
To place great importance on protecting the global environment as a good corporate citizen in accordance with the Sumitomo Corporation's Activity Guidelines.
2.Compliance with environmental legislation:
To strictly observe legislation related to environmental matters not only in Japan but also overseas, and to abide by any agreements made.
3.Caring for the natural environment:
To place great importance on preserving the environment, including the natural ecosystem and biodiversity.
4.Response to climate change:
To place great importance on mitigating climate change and adapting to its impact.
5.Efficient use of resources and energy:
To be mindful of the finite availability of resources and energy and strive to use them both efficiently and effectively.
6.Contributing to the building of a recycling-oriented society:
To endeavor to help build a recycling-oriented society by reducing waste and reusing and recycling resources.
7.Promotion of businesses that contribute to environmental preservation:
To utilize our integrated corporate strength to promote businesses and projects, which contribute to environmental preservation and reduction of the impact of society on the natural environment.
8.Establishment of environmental management:
To use an environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution and set environmental objectives and targets which are regularly reviewed and continuously upgraded.
9.Disclosure of the environmental policy:
To communicate this Environmental Policy to all people who are working for or on behalf of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, as well as disclosing it externally.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

Summit Agro International has been ISO 14001-certified as one of the Sumitomo Corporation Group companies that received integrated ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 sets out the international standards for environmental management systems and shows the framework for organizations to protect the environment and respond to the changing global environment through their environmental policies. We will foster environmental management based on our ISO 14001-certified environmental management system, thereby reducing environmental risks and further contributing to the environment through our business operations.

Registration No. : JQA-EM0451

Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management Structure Image

Simple materials for simple packaging

In the Pet-Care Business Line, we are promoting simple packaging to reduce the amount of materials used in packaging pet products. In developing our products, a clear emphasis is placed on understanding consumers' needs and protecting the environment: labels describing the characteristics of the products and precautions for use are shown in a way that is easy for anybody to understand, together with long-lasting designs for which consumers can build up an affinity. We also seek to reduce the use of packaging materials as much as possible and are promoting the use of eco-friendly raw materials.

Diffusion of Pheromone technology/IPM products

"Pheromone technology" has been promoted as an eco-friendly pest control method. Insect sex pheromones are used to disrupt the ability of males to locate females, which prevents mating and reduces the subsequent year's population. This innovative technology has come to be used widely in the vast farmlands of Europe and in orchards in countries outside Europe.

Our company also promotes the use of IPM products, which are compliant with the regulations governing appropriate use of pesticides and other chemicals. Our efforts are also focused on spreading and supporting the use of new technologies where high-quality pesticides are used, and reducing the amounts required for application.

CSR Initiatives for Supply Chain Management

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has established the CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. Through the implementation of these guidelines, we are aiming to realize a sustainable society by working together with our suppliers and business partners to achieve responsible value chain management. The Company provides numerous opportunities to promote the understanding and entrenchment of these guidelines, including training for new employees and locally hired employees, meetings within business units and domestic and overseas regional organizations, and pre-departure briefings with employees being sent on overseas assignments.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management

Established in November 2009
Revised in November 2013

The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to be a global organization that, by constantly staying a step ahead in dealing with change, creating new value, and contributing broadly to society, strives to achieve prosperity and realize the dreams of all our stakeholders through sound business activities in strict adherence to our Corporate Mission Statement, and the management style principle contained therein, wherein prime importance is given to integrity and sound management with the utmost respect being paid to the individual.

In order to promote sustainability and social wellbeing in accordance with our mission, the Sumitomo Corporation Group hereby sets down these CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. With a view to further strengthening the global relations which form one of the foundations of our core competence of integrated corporate strength, we request our suppliers and business partners to kindly accept, understand, and practice these guidelines so that together we can achieve responsible value chain management.

Our suppliers and business partners are expected to:

  1. Respect human rights and not to be complicit in human rights abuses
  2. Prevent forced labor, child labor and the payment of unfairly low wages
  3. Not engage in discriminatory employment practices
  4. Respect the rights of employees to associate freely in order to ensure open and fair negotiations between labor and management
  5. Provide employees with safe and healthy work environments
  6. Protect the global environment and give due consideration to biodiversity
  7. Ensure the quality and safety of products and services
  8. Ensure fair business transactions, to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to prevent extortion, bribery and all other forms of corrupt business practices
  9. Ensure appropriate information security
  10. Cooperate with members of local host communities and contribute to sustainable regional development
  11. Disclose information regarding the above in a manner both timely and appropriate.

Sumitomo Corporation Group Statement for UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

We set out the steps Sumitomo Corporation Group has taken to help ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in SC Group's business or supply chains. The statement is approved by the board of directors.